Jun 1, 2021 HR Hints

Workshop for the graduates of the Pioneers School of PFR 💪 

PFR Pioneers School organized by the Polish Development Fund is one of the best development programs for budding entrepreneurs in Poland! 🚀 Additionally, all program graduates become members of PFR Pioneers Club, which organizes regular meetings for founders 👥 On the last one we had a chance to do a workshop 💬 identifying and working on underdeveloping links in the organization 💬.

Thank you for inviting the Polish Development Fund! Such level of engagement, such questions and pace of conversation is definitely something we love to participate in 💙

By the way, it’s definitely worth mentioning that recruitment for the next edition of the PFR Pioneers School is starting soon! 💪 Details can be found at this link ➡️ https://bit.ly/3vqJywd

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