Aug 4, 2022 Agata

Why can’t the lack of rules be the rule?

When another partner asked if we could “make his company resemble Netflix”, we decided to take a closer look at the phenomenon of this global VOD giant’s organizational culture 🔍

After almost 2 years, we’ve read “No Rules Rules: Netflix and the Culture of Reinvention” one more time, and here’s what we think:
✔️ the book has good moments – such as the fair distribution of managers’ attention,
❌ it also has moments that are short-sighted, naive and do not offer practical solutions to the real challenges of fast-growing or evolving companies,
❌ promoted lack of rules along with strong power in managers’ hands can lead to abuses.

And we definitely disagree that the book should be described as a recipe for business success.

Why are we so critical? And why can’t the lack of rules be the rule?
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