Feb 22, 2022 HR Hints

What influences top talent to leave their jobs? Comment by Róża for Mam Startup 🚀

Mam Startup conducted a survey examining the most common reasons for resigning from work among Polish men and women 🔎

📊 41% of respondents pointed to the financial aspect as the reason.
📊 Only 15% of respondents justified their resignation with too many responsibilities.

Are you curious what else influences top talent to quit their jobs? 🤔
Róża and Monika (Tidio) shared their thoughts with Hanna Baster from MamStartup 🙌 Enjoy the read! 🗞️

And for all those very hungry for HR knowledge, we have a little surprise! 🤗 Tomorrow at 20:00 during the Effective IT Recruiter webinar we’ll talk about The Great Resignation and its impact on recruiting! 🚀
Details 👉 https://bit.ly/3H6wvoE


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