Aug 30, 2021 HR Hints

What does #workation look like in the Vue Storefront? ☀️ 

The autumn aura outside the window evokes memories of vacations and times when an umbrella wasn’t an essential accessory for every trip to the office ☔.

What would you say to Spanish sunshine ☀️ delicious paella accompanied by sangria 🍷 and a lounger by the pool instead of a desk 🏊 …and all this at work? That’s exactly the #workation the Vue Storefront team (movie), with whom we have the pleasure to collaborate, has arranged for themselves! 💙 It’s a #fullyremote team, but one that cares a lot about integration, work-life balance and mentalheatlh of the whole company 💪.

What’s more, you too can become a part of this amazing team changing the face of e-commerce! because who among us wouldn’t want to have a , “vacation at work”? 🙌

We’re currently looking for a #remotework culture champion/mistress to join the Vue Storefront team who loves fast pace and decision making 🚀
Details can be found at this link ➡️

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