Nov 17, 2021 HR Hints

We support RAMP with four HR Hints team members! 💪

Ramp Network is a crypto/fintech startup growing at an incredible rate 💪 It is dedicated to building a tool that makes it easy for users around the world to easily pay with cryptocurrencies 👉 To use an analogy: Ramp is to cryptocurrencies what PayPal is to eCommerce 💸.

We at HR Hints feel a little bit like HR Hints and a little bit like Ramp girls, because we help Ramp with all four of them:
🧠 Rose as interim Head of Talent and People,
🧠 Weronika as interim People Operations Partner
🧠 Katarzyna as Interim Talent Specialist
🧠 Paulina as Interim Talent Specialist 🚀

Highly recommend being part of this team Szymon and Przemek and their managers! 🙌
How to do it, what working at Ramp is like, what values we have and how we recruit 👉 you can read about it right here ➡️

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