Mar 4, 2022 HR Hints

We continue People Support Line 💙💛

The topic of war is extremely difficult for most of us. Many leaders wonder how to talk to employees and colleagues about the tragedy in our eastern friends.

Do you wonder how to approach a conversation when someone wants to talk about their colleague, partner, neighbor who can’t cope? How to react when an employee from Ukraine needs to return to his/her homeland? How to help when someone doesn’t want to talk about it? And what to do when they talk about it all the time?

How to create space in the company to talk about difficulties and problems? How to approach candidates? How to respond to communication related to conspiracy theories among employees? How to set boundaries for emotions and experiences in a professional environment? Whether and how to talk about them?

These are just a small part of the questions that are swirling around in the minds of all of us right now, and in all of this, as HR Hints, we are trying to help our community – recruiter, startup and HR community. 💙💛

That’s why the PEOPLE SUPPORT LINE has been up and running for a week now, with our People & Culture Partners on-call daily from 8am to 9am on Google Meet at this link:

There are no weird or silly questions on the PEOPLE SUPPORT LINE. We do not charge for them. We do not keep records. We guarantee anonymity and discretion, but we do not guarantee individuality in the meetings, as the link and information is common.