Tomasz Swieboda about founders’ mental health 👥

Jan 31, 2022
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Jan 31, 2022 HR Hints

Awareness of the importance of mental health, as well as demand for support in this area is constantly growing 👀 This is confirmed by our report, in which 71% of startup employees surveyed by us, indicated that their company could use a mental health support program 🤔.

We have repeatedly emphasized that people are the most valuable resource in any organization 👥 Their mental comfort translates into trust within the team, motivation, and effectiveness 📈 Startup leaders need to take care of Mental Health for both themselves and their employees. In our report, he shared his experience and thoughts in this area 🚀Tomasz Swieboda, Managing Partner of Inovo Venture Partners 💪.

You can find more expert advice and comments in our report ➡️

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