Aug 8, 2022 Agata

The list of podcasts with our guest appearance [UPDATED]

We are honored to be guests in many great podcasts and broadcasts hosted by excellent creators and journalists!

To make it easier for you to find them, we’ve created a list of all the podcasts with our CEO’s Roza Szafranek guest appearances.

Podcasts & broadcasts:

  1. Polish Radio Program 4. How is HR doing in Polish startups? [in Polish 🇵🇱]
  2. Ican Management Review Podcast. Supporting employees’ mental health [in Polish 🇵🇱]
  3. Polish Development Fund Podcast. Why is a startup a team game? [in Polish 🇵🇱]
  4. ‘Owocowe Wtorki’ Podcast. HR in Polish startups [in Polish 🇵🇱]
  5. ‘Sięgaj Po Więcej’ Podcast. Scaling HR in startups [in Polish 🇵🇱]
  6. Reach4Biz – Business Focus. Trends in the job market: The most popular positions in startups [in Polish 🇵🇱]
  7. Inside HR. Why your startup needs HR to grow the right way [in English 🇬🇧]

Roza as a speaker:

  1. Wolves Summit 2022. You’ve successfully fundraised. How to scale internationally now? [in English 🇬🇧]
  2. Reach4Biz Meetup 2022. Challenges in a founder’s relationships with investors and with employees [in Polish 🇵🇱]