The list of podcasts with our guest appearance [UPDATED]

Aug 8, 2022
Aug 8, 2022 Agata

We are honored to be guests in many great podcasts and broadcasts hosted by excellent creators and journalists!

To make it easier for you to find them, we’ve created a list of all the podcasts with our CEO’s Roza Szafranek guest appearances.

Podcasts & broadcasts:

  1. Polish Radio Program 4. How is HR doing in Polish startups? [in Polish 🇵🇱]
  2. Ican Management Review Podcast. Supporting employees’ mental health [in Polish 🇵🇱]
  3. Polish Development Fund Podcast. Why is a startup a team game? [in Polish 🇵🇱]
  4. ‘Owocowe Wtorki’ Podcast. HR in Polish startups [in Polish 🇵🇱]
  5. ‘Sięgaj Po Więcej’ Podcast. Scaling HR in startups [in Polish 🇵🇱]
  6. Reach4Biz – Business Focus. Trends in the job market: The most popular positions in startups [in Polish 🇵🇱]
  7. Inside HR. Why your startup needs HR to grow the right way [in English 🇬🇧]

Roza as a speaker:

  1. Wolves Summit 2022. You’ve successfully fundraised. How to scale internationally now? [in English 🇬🇧]
  2. Reach4Biz Meetup 2022. Challenges in a founder’s relationships with investors and with employees [in Polish 🇵🇱]

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