Róża’s advice on how not to lose key employees 🙌 Mam Startup article

Feb 7, 2022
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Feb 7, 2022 HR Hints

📌 How do we not lose employees who play a significant role in our organization?
📌 How to recognize their value before they think about changes and leave the company?

The current labor market situation makes it imperative for employers, in order to properly scale their organizations, to not only efficiently attract new, fit people to their team, but most importantly, take care to retain current employees who bring value to the company! 💪

There are many aspects in an organization that add up to an employee’s comfort, satisfaction, and desire to continue growing within the company 🚀 In a recent MamStartup article, you’ll find more details on this topic 🗞 In addition to the stories of two professionals who decided to leave their companies, Róża also shared her expertise in this area 🙌

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