Dec 13, 2021 HR Hints

Róża was a guest on the #Firmament broadcast hosted by Insredible Inspirations and Mam Startup 🎧.

📌What exactly is talent today and how are modern organizations approaching it?
📌What is our tolerance for calling “talent” simply an employee to be acquired?
📌How is the approach to hiring changing, what changes has the pandemic brought us and why might they be irreversible?

These questions, among others, were answered by Róża in the broadcast #Firmament 🎙️ produced by InCredible Inspirations and MamStartup 🚀 In the conversation hosted by Jaroslaw Sroka, together with Róża participated Olga Grygier-Siddons and Michał Mańkowski 🙌.

We invite you to listen in and sincerely thank you for having us!!! 🎧


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