Recruitment mistakes and their impact on scaling your business! 🙌 Check out Kasi’s keynote today 🚀

Nov 23, 2021
Nov 23, 2021 HR Hints

How recruitment mistakes can negatively impact building a startup? 🤔
We could talk about this for hours…and we will! 🤗 We invite everyone interested in HR in a startup to today’s JUPI meeting organized by Krakow City of Startups 🚀 where Katarzyna will talk about recruitment mistakes and their impact on scaling a startup 💪.

Katarzyna has been co-founding HR Hints since the beginning and we know it’s going to be an excellent presentation! And we’re already looking forward to meeting you in the offline world! 🙌

You can find details and all the information you need here 👉
See you there! 👋

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