PushPushGo identifies marketing trends in 2022 🙌

Jan 13, 2022
Jan 13, 2022 HR Hints

Summaries of the previous year and planning for the one that has already started are in full swing! It’s time to get ready for the upcoming challenges and think about what actions will bring your company the desired effect 🤔 The PushPushGo team, which – just like us – has education and knowledge sharing as one of its goals 💪 has prepared a list of trends that will dominate the marketing industry in 2022! 👀

Dear Marketer (but not only), a must-read for your January morning coffee! 🙌

For our part, we’d like to add that we’re incredibly proud to have the opportunity to work with a team and a company that not only creates amazing things, but is also happy to share their #lessonslearned and thoughts 💙


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