Sep 30, 2021 HR Hints

Monika Wisłowska is today’s guest of ,,HR in startups” on Clubhouse! 👋

Thursday means…. another meeting of ,,HR in startups” at Clubhouse 👋

A reminder that the theme for the September meetings is #leadership 💪 and our irreplaceable presenters Rose and Mark will be joined today:
🎙️ Monika Wislowska, Partner Manager at Finiata

With Monika we will talk about, among other things:
📌 What are the pros and cons of remote working from the perspective of a startup leader and manager
📌 What should the organizational culture look like in a multinational company
📌 What changes we can see in leaders as the startup ecosystem evolves

Traditionally, we hear each other at 19:00 👉

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