Michal Pośnik, COO of Hearme, is a guest of today’s meeting at Clubhouse 🚀

Oct 21, 2021
Oct 21, 2021 HR Hints

Another Thursday, another meeting at the Clubhouse! 👋
Today we’ll be hosting someone we can confidently say is a #mentalhealth market expert! 💪 We used the term ,,market expert” for a reason, because our leading duo Rose &Marek will be joined today by 🎯 Mike Pośnik, COO of HearMe.co.uk, a platform that supports corporate employees in the area of mental health! 🚀

We’ll be talking to Michael about, among other things:
📌 What does the mental health market look like in Poland
📌 Do we see any significant differences in attitudes towards mental health and support offered by Polish and foreign employers
📌 What is the most common negative impact on employees’ mental wellbeing
📌 How to take care of your mental comfort in addition to psychological/psychotherapeutic support

Welcome! 🤗
Invariably at 7pm at the Clubhouse! 👋

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