Is the Great Resignation a real problem? Or maybe it’s a great turnover? 

Apr 25, 2022
Apr 25, 2022 HR Hints

Is the Great Resignation a real problem? Or maybe it’s a great turnover?

For us, it’s pretty clear. According to the research, we face the phenomenon of leaving a job due to burnout and depression – and it’s the most common reason for quitting.

What can a manager or boss do in this situation? First and foremost, identify.
It’s not easy, but it’s possible because professional burnout progresses in three phases:
1️⃣ cognitive level – when we focus less, deliver less, our effectiveness is decreasing
2️⃣ emotional level – when we don’t want to take on as ambitious challenges, projects as we used to
3️⃣ interpersonal level – which often manifests itself as cynicism in relations with work mates

This was discussed in the latest Firmament broadcast hosted by Jaroslaw Sroka with guests including our CEO Róża SzafranekKatarzyna Godlewska (nikalab), and Michał Tarnowski (Nativated Group).
Listen to the most interesting fragments!

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