Apr 11, 2022 HR Hints

“I don’t want to make hallway decisions!”

“I don’t want to make hallway decisions!”

Why startup founders expect the team to take ownership?

When we asked about problems with ownership, they most often pin it on:
❌ a lack of expertise of the team, so the decision-making process returns to the founders
❌ the difficulties of end to end running the whole task
❌ the challenge of keeping each other to deliver the results

In practice, most employees do take ownership, but it can sometimes be hindered by a lack of communication. Most problems arise from:
1️⃣ not asking questions
2️⃣ asking too many questions (in the founder’s opinion)
3️⃣ not reporting (sufficiently) on the progress that is made

What can you do about it as a leader? For example, these three things:
✅ You should finally believe that there are no stupid questions
✅ You should be responsive, give people the answers and avoid making hallway decisions
✅ You have to communicate your expectations regarding the results and reporting process

So let’s kick off this week with a little more understanding of how to manage ownership!