Feb 4, 2022 HR Hints

HR Hints Year Summary 💪🏻

We hope that for you as much as for us, 2022 has already started in earnest! 💪🏻

Catching our breath after an intense but BAAARIOUSly rewarding January, we’ve prepared a slightly more comprehensive recap of our first (less than 😉 ) year of activity! 💙🖤

✅ We’ve worked with 25 of the country’s top startups.
✅ We’ve hired 136 people for them.
✅ We launched a subscription-based HR collaboration model.
✅ We have implemented numerous initiatives to support the growth and education of our ecosystem.

And it doesn’t stop there! 🤯 You can read about all our achievements, but also about our plans for the coming months in the MamStartup publication 🙌


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