Dec 30, 2021 HR Hints

HR Hints in 2021 💙

As you may know, a year ago there was no HR Hints yet. There was an idea in our CEO Rosa’s head to create a company that could scale good HR🚀

AND you know what?
WE SUCCEEDED, and how! 💙

In less than a year:
🎯 we built a TRULY great team, made up of some of the most amazing and driven people we could think of
🎯 we launched a subscription-based HR collaboration model that addresses the most important needs of founders and managers at startups
🎯 we’ve worked with 25 of the best (according to various rankings) startups in the country
🎯 we conducted workshops for partners like Innovation Nest, Movens Capital, Polski Fundusz Rozwoju S.A., Vestbee, Poznan Science & Technology Park, HubHub, Krakow City of Startups, MIT Enterprise Forum CEE, and ReaktorX, among others
🎯 We shared our experience and insights through media like Forbes Poland, Puls Biznesu, Rzeczpospolita, 300GOSPODARKA, MamStartup,, Magazyn Rekruter, and My Company Poland
🎯 We’ve developed and delivered to you the first Polish Report on HR challenges in startups and fast-growing technology companies

and this is really just the beginning!
Next year we are going to make much more ambitious plans!

Stay Tuned!

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