Jan 3, 2022 HR Hints

How to think about investments? Róża’s comment for Mam Startup 🚀

Warren Buffet believes that investments should be thought of independently, preferably in isolation. 🤔 He repeatedly stressed in his interviews that an individual approach to investing is very important, and that its path must be forged by everyone themselves 👀

Katarzyna Krogulec from MamStartup decided to verify the approach to investment among Polish entrepreneurs 🙌 Shared their thoughts ➡️ Michał Kruszyński (ZNIKA | Opakowania Ekologiczne), Robert Grygorowicz (SpeedUp Venture Capital Group), Kasia Gryzlo (HearMe. pl), Przemysław Jesionowski (IC Solutions), Agata Kwaśniewska (ReaktorX), Lech Kaniuk (SunRoof), Oskar Hertman (Pirk Spark) and of course our CEO Róża 🚀.

And you? 👉 What is your approach to investing? 🤔


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