Feb 17, 2021 HR Hints

Why is it better to hire long term rather than just send candidates? 🚀 Free webinar 🚀

Probably all of you: Founders, HR professionals and managers have come across an agency in your career that, before they even got to know your website and your entire organization, already sent you a so-called #blankCV
For the lucky ones who haven’t experienced it 👉 we explain that a blank CV is a resume of a candidate without his/her data and companies, which is circulating on the web and at the sight of which, according to the agency, should make the recipient salivate
Part of this process is sending candidates for “quantity”, and this is what we would like to talk to you about today, at 20:00 ⏰
We invite all those hungry for knowledge to a free webinar How to Become an Effective IT Recruiter hosted by Róża🚀

All you have to do is sign up, sit comfortably in your home and join us http://bit.ly/SkutecznyRekruterLuty


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