Apr 1, 2021 HR Hints

Victoria Umańska and Paulina Białek will be joining us for today’s meeting at ClubHouse 👋

As every Thursday, we invite you to the meeting ,,HR in startups” at #Clubhouse 👋.

This time we will talk about, among other things:

📌 What does an investor look for in a startup’s founding team?
📌 Are accelerator programs a good place to look for a co-founder?
📌 What does the approach to HR look like and how does it differ between founders from Europe and Asia?
📌 What should founders not do at the beginning of their startup path?

Our presenters will be joined by great guests:

🎙️ Victoria Umanska, or newly minted Investment Manager at SMOK Ventures
🎙️ Paulina Białek, who has been managing the Expara VirTech Acceleration program for several years

As always, we guarantee a lot of interesting insights and, above all, a specific portion of knowledge!

You’re welcome 👉 https://bit.ly/2PdaaRK

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