Apr 15, 2021 HR Hints

Thursday Clubhouse “HR in startups” 👋

Today is Thursday, so of course at 7pm we hear from each other at #ClubHouse as part of ,,HR in startups” 👋

A recent report , “Reshaping modern workplaces to face the new normal” on the new reality of the job market. Róża and Marek will talk today with the co-authors of this publication:
🎙️ Dominika Kowalska, Associate Director Workplace Strategy & Change Management Cushman & Wakefield
🎙️ Beata Mosór-Szyszka Co-Founder Project: People

With our guests we will discuss, among other things:
📌  What are the pros and cons of the new reality that companies had to adapt to?
📌  What conclusions can be drawn from the report prepared by them?
📌  How can workspace affect the effectiveness and motivation of employees?

Clubhouse link: https://bit.ly/3uSRwh6


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