Sep 1, 2021 HR Hints

Szymon Janiak from Czysta3.VC Fund as a guest of the first autumn meeting ,,HR in startups” on Clubhouse! 👋

We’re back! 💙
On Thursday we see you at the first meeting of ,,HR in startups” after the summer break 🚀.

Our presenters Róża and Marek will be joined by a guest with a very interesting perspective on the VC market and startup ecosystem in our country:
🎙️ Szymon Janiak, managing partner at fund

What will we talk about? Among others about:
📌 What should a true leader of a dynamically growing startup have, i.e. what do investors value in founders?
📌 Leadership must be inborn, can it be learned?
📌 How to effectively manage a team in a remote working model?
📌 Do VCs have any ways to further motivate founders?

Hope to hear from you on Thursday at 7pm! 👋


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