May 6, 2021 HR Hints

ow to build your network and who is a real mentor? Today’s “HR in startups” on ClubHouse 👋

🤔 How does the founders’ approach to managing and running a business change as they gain experience?
🤔 How to properly build your network?
🤔 Who is and what should a true mentor be?

As every Thursday, Róża and Marek, the hosts of “HR in Startups”, will be looking for answers to the tough questions that bother every founder 🔎.
Today they will be joined by:
🎙️ Dagna Frydrych, Innovation Manager at Polski Fundusz Rozwoju
🎙️ Karolina Dąbrowska, Team Lead/Business Development Manager at HubHub

19:00 ⏰
Clubhouse 👋
You’re welcome 👉

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