May 27, 2021 HR Hints

Our Clubhouse meeting starts at 7pm!  👋

📌 What lessons learned from working as an employee are most useful in developing your own business?
📌 What is the most difficult thing about delegating tasks and responsibilities?
📌 What do we think about blockchain in Poland?

As usual on Thursday at 7pm , “HR in startups” on Clubhouse 👋
Today Rose and Marek will be hosting:
🎙️ Bogumiła Sobiczewska, CEO of ShopTrotter
🎙️ Antoni Zolciak, Co-Founder Aleph Zero and Cardinal Cryptography

We start on time at 7pm (we end on schedule at 8pm, but not always on time)! ⏰
All are welcome to listen and discuss! 👋

See you 👉

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