Mar 17, 2021 HR Hints

Olena Kolikhova and Piotr Nowosielski as guests of the upcoming meeting ,,HR in startups” on Clubhouse 👋

🤔 What HR mistakes do we see most often in founders?
🤔 What is, and what isn’t, but should be the People & Culture area in startups?
🤔 What are our lessons learned – is it more important to match the team with work style, soft skills or maybe something else?

These are three of many questions we will look for answers to during Thursday’s “HR in Startups” meeting at #Clubhouse 👋

Our hosts, that is #chairwoman Róża, together with Marek Kapturkiewicz will host this time:
🎙️ Olena Kolikhova, Innovation Manager at EY, ex Head of Startups in Poland at
🎙️ Piotr Nowosielski, CEO Just Join IT

We look forward to seeing you this Thursday at 19:00 👉

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