Sep 9, 2021 HR Hints

Next meeting ,,HR in startups” at Clubhouse 👋

How was your Thursday morning coffee? ☕
We hope it was delicious! 🙌 And to keep you in a good mood for the day, we’d like to remind you that at 7pm we’ll be at Clubhouse for the second meeting of the autumn HR in Startups series 👋

Today our presenters Róża & Marek will be joined by a guest who we can confidently say is on ,,You” with #leadership:
🎙️ Radoslaw Zemlo, founder of Leadership Academy, Head of Partnership Leanovatica and member of the Columbus Energy board of directors

With Radek, we’ll talk about:
📌How to be a good and respected leader?
📌What does a team expect from a leader?
📌Can leadership be taught from A to Z?

Tune in at 19:00 👉

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