Sep 15, 2021 HR Hints

Mental Health in Polish Startups survey launched 📊

The startup environment, due to the number of variables and the pace of activity can be extremely mentally taxing 👥 We can observe many factors that positively or negatively influence #MentalHealth 👀 Together with Polski Fundusz Rozwoju S.A., Wolves Summit, Startup Poland and MamStartup we’re launching a study based on which the ,,Report Mental Health in Polish Startups” will be created 📊.

Let’s support together, current and future startups, preparing them for what a startup’s head has to endure, and pointing out solutions that can help 💪.

The survey is fully anonymous and it won’t take you more than 5 minutes to complete! 🚀
So how do you do? Do we act? 🙌
✏️ Survey aimed at founders 👉
✏️ Survey aimed at employees 👉

PS For those taking the survey, we have a little gift 🎁 There are discounts to the Wolves Summit conference and free HR consultations waiting for you 👥

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