Jun 10, 2021 HR Hints

Let’s meet tonight at the Clubhouse! 👋

We’re meeting you at Clubhouse tonight at 7pm! 👋

Today’s guests Rosa and Mark, in our room , “HR in startups” will be:
🎙️ Anita Kijanka, CEO of Come Creations Group
🎙️ Anna Ledwoń-Blacha, Co-founder & Creative Director at More Bananas agency

Among other things, we’ll talk about:
📌 What are the biggest challenges in managing a team
📌 Are startup leaders and traditional business leaders similar or the opposite?
📌 How to build #EmployerBranding of startups?
📌 What are the statistics on women in the tech industry in Poland?

Welcome! 👋

Link to the meeting 👉 https://bit.ly/352FBlR

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