Nov 14, 2021 HR Hints

Lech Kaniuk is the guest of another episode of ,,Ludzie z Pracy” podcast 🎧.

Welcome to a fresh episode of People at Work, which is now online! Our guest was Lech Kaniuk, CEO of SunRoof and co-founder of such companies as or S.A. 🚀.

We talked to Lech about, among other things:
📌 Why a boss doesn’t need to know everything and that’s where his wisdom lies
📌 When to step away from operational management of the company and what team to hire to make it possible
📌 Why trust in business is so key
📌 How stressful it is to be an entrepreneur and if we can manage it somehow

Enjoy!  🤗 and we look forward to your feedback! 💙
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