Nov 18, 2021 HR Hints

Join us! HR Hints is recruiting! 🤗

Our everyday life is working with the best startups and tech companies in the country 🙌 Every step of the way we support and teach founders and managers how to build and run organizations with an engaged and effective team 👥 We teach effective leadership through our subscription👉 HR on Demand, as well as working with business and investors through our 👉 Business HR-view model 🚀 As a team ourselves, we’re a pack of friends whose ambition, motivation, and drive have no limit!

what about joining us? 🤔
We’re currently looking for two people to become part of our HR Hints team and change the face of HR together with us 🤗.

You can read about the role, work style and values we follow here ⬇️
📌 People&Culture Partner 👉
📌 Recruitment Beginner 👉

If you want to know more about us and the company feel free to email Rose or Catherine 📩

So what, We’ll see you Monday morning at the office for coffee? 💙

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