Feb 16, 2021 HR Hints

HR in startups: what’s being whispered about and not spoken aloud 🤔 We’re hearing from each other at ClubHouse on Thursday! 🎙️

Would you like to learn how to become a better leader? 🤔
We have a great proposal for you! This Thursday, together with our guests, we will talk about HR problems in startups, which everyone has or will have to deal with, and nobody likes to talk about it loudly. 💪

The meeting will be hosted by chairman…tfu!.. #chairwoman Róża, who will be questioning our guests. 🚀 This time we have called experts who have seen and even created many startups:
🎙️  Grzegorz Wójcik, CEO at Autenti
🎙️  Paweł Stajgis, Investment Manager at Inovo Venture Partners

Marek Kapturkiewicz, Co-Founder and Partner at Marek Kapturkiewicz, Co-Founder and Partner at Innovation Nest, who is co-creating with us the cycle “HR in Startups” and together with Róża will be preparing and leading next Thursday’s meetings at #ClubHouse 🎙️

Of course there will be also space for your questions and experiences!
We are waiting for you on Thursday, at 19:00 on the ClubHouse platform 👋

You can find the link to the meeting here 👉 http://bit.ly/HRwStartupach

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