Nov 4, 2021 HR Hints

,,HR in startups” 💙 THANK YOU! 🙌

The last meeting was supposed to end the autumn season of ,,HR in startups” meetings 🙌 , but due to technical reasons it unfortunately couldn’t take place 😔 But it inspired us to continue our meetings with you, which we’d love to do in a slightly different formula 💪.

“HR in startups” is coming back in January 👉 in a different formula (spoiler: there will also be some video, not just audio!)! 🚀

Details coming soon!
Stay tuned! 💙

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank Marek for co-hosting since February 💙 and all the guests of the fall meeting series ,,HR in startups” and you dear listeners! We’re so glad you were with us! ❤️


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