Nov 5, 2021 HR Hints

How is blockchain changing the market and eliminating the need for a trusted intermediary? Article by Aleph Zero 🤗 

Sometimes we can hear voices about poor trust in cryptocurrencies 🤔 What if we were to turn the situation around and wonder if this technology needs our trust? 👀

One of the key features of blockchain is the elimination of the need for trust between people making transactions 💻 Today, most transactions between a minimum of two parties require an intermediary that both parties trust 👉 such as a bank. Blockchain changes the market and eliminates the need for a trusted intermediary 🙌 How? You can read about it in an article by Aleph Zero, whose experts shared their insights! 🤗 Working with the AlephZero team is an opportunity for us to expand our knowledge in the #blockchain area every time, you can benefit from it too! 💙


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