Oct 18, 2021 HR Hints

FIlip was a guest on TOK FM podcast 🎙️

Our mission is to help startups and share our knowledge 🤗 As part of such activities, we also like to comment on such phenomena that are new or hard to understand for many people – even those who hire employees every day and work in the startup industry 💪

We invite you to listen in:
🤔 How will the Polish Order affect specialized industries and what will change in our environment?
🤔 Will there be a trend of setting up sole proprietorships?
🤔 What is #GIGeconomics and does it have to be pathological?

Things that are difficult because of uncertainty, but so important, in the Radio TOK FM podcast hosted by 🎙️ Marzena Mazur, PhD were discussed by Tomek Milosz and Filip


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