Jul 7, 2021 HR Hints

Endego rebranding 😍 We’re proud of our partners 🚀

We love working with partners who have clearly defined values they want their organization to follow! 🚀 Just such a company is Endego, which recently underwent a rebranding, and under the new name is a set of principles, characteristics and values that both the whole company and its employees follow 😍
Endego, viz:

👉Expertise – the team consists of the best professionals
👉Number one – ambition and perfectionism allow them to boldly fight for leadership in their market
👉Discipline – the team isn’t afraid of hard work, and every completed project makes them aim even higher
👉Evolution – they grow all the time and the same goes for the employees who can count on the company’s support in developing their competencies
👉Game-changer – Endego is characterized by innovative approach to challenges, out-of-the-box thinking and conscious risk-taking
👉Optimism – the whole team believes in what they’re doing and is committed to 110%

If you feel you can boast a similar approach to work, you have a great opportunity to join the Endego team! You can find all available roles here ➡️ https://bit.ly/3qAr0Il ⬅️ and if there’s anything you want to ask? Find out more about the company, company culture or conditions? 🤔 Write to Jagoda and she’ll tell you everything 💪.

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