Apr 18, 2021 HR Hints

Another episode of our podcast , “People at Work” 🎙️

🤔 What is an employee benefit for the employee and what for the employer?
🤔 What can badly chosen benefits do?
🤔 How do you build employee loyalty to your company and brand?
🤔 How to compete in the market for the best employees when you don’t want or can’t offer only money?

Questions that every founder and every HR professional faces, and which are answered in our latest podcast ,,People at Work”. 📻 This time Rose had the pleasure of hosting:

🎙️ Mirella Paldyna Head of People at Infermedica, who boasts over 11 years of experience in areas such as recruitment, training and development programs and working with leaders and boards 💪

🎙️ Łukasz Pawlik, CEO of Lunching, who for over 20 years is associated with new technologies and media industry. As the head of Lunching platform, he supports employers in taking care of their employees by guaranteeing them a wholesome lunch at work every day 😋

We guarantee content, interesting facts, good humor 👉 You just need to have headphones 🎧

You’re welcome ⬇️
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