Sep 12, 2021 HR Hints

36th episode of the podcast ,,People from work” 🎧 Tomasz Snażyk is our guest 🎙️ 

We have a great suggestion for you on Sunday afternoon 🌤️
Sit back, grab a mug of your favorite tea and take in a solid dose of knowledge and inspiration in the form of episode #36 of our podcast , “People at Work” 💙

What can you expect in the latest edition? 🤔
🎙️ What are ESOPs and why you should be interested in them
🎙️ When and how to implement employee options in an organization
🎙️ What not to do in the process of founders sharing their company with their employees, colleagues and advisors

Of course, this is just a foretaste of what awaits you during Rosa’s nearly 40-minute conversation with our guest Tomasz Snazyk, partner at SKM Law Firm and CEO of Startup Poland 💪.

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