Aug 10, 2021 HR Hints

What competencies does your company need? 👥

❓Want to know what competencies are missing in your team?
❓Wondering what skills will be needed in your organization in a month or a year?
❓Don’t you know how to plan appropriate development of your employees?

Startups differ from traditional companies by constant change and necessity to adapt quickly to new situations 💪 That’s why employees of innovative companies should have specific competencies at a given stage of company’s operations 👥 Defining them properly will increase efficiency and engagement in your team.

At HR Hints we connect people with startups and, on a daily basis, work with leaders of innovative companies. Our specialists will conduct a company analysis, based on which they’ll be able to help you identify the right competences that your employees should have 🚀.

Want to learn more? Just pick a date and make an appointment to talk to Filip 👉

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