Aug 26, 2021 HR Hints

Autumn season of meetings ,,HR in startups” at Clubhouse! 👋 

Good morning 🌤️

We hope you missed our Thursday “HR in startups” meetings at Clubhouse 👋 and like us, you’re already looking forward to the next evenings spent together at HR discussions 💙.

We’re back with a fresh dose of topics, a group of great guests and some minor changes to the event formula 🙌.
Of course, our meetings will still be led by the irreplaceable Rose and Mark, and the minor changes we decided to make are:
👉 The meetings will take the form of a fire-side chat, where we invite one guest every Thursday
👉 Each month will have its own theme

Starting from September, we’d like to focus on Leadership in its broadest sense, which founders and managers should be 💪.

In September, we will have the honor and pleasure of hosting experts such as:
🎙️ Szymon Janiak
🎙️ Radosław Żemło
🎙️ Anna Jacznik
🎙️ Pawel Lipinski
🎙️ Monika Wisłowska

The next meeting of , “HR in startups” is on September 2, at 7pm at Clubhouse! 👋
Our guest will be Szymon Janiak, managing partner of fund 🚀

psssssyt let us know who you’d like to see in the October series 🤔

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