Dec 5, 2021 HR Hints

Another episode of the podcast ,,Ludzie z Pracy” 🎧( Our guest was Szymon Janiak, managing partner at fund 🎙️

And today is Sunday, so it’s time for a pre-Christmas present 🎅 because on Sunday afternoon, our heads are already more at work than at the weekend, just like on Friday we are more at the weekend than at work. You’ll always hear our podcast , “Working People” 🎧 on Sunday to be able to deal with this pre-Monday time more easily.

Our guest was 🎙️ Szymon Janiak Managing Partner at fund, with whom we talked about, among other things:
📌 How has the Polish startup market changed – how do founders think today (and do investors keep up with it?)
📌 Where is the place of a VC fund in the startup ecosystem today and what do managing partners need to understand to work with good founders
📌 How to help a founder when he/she is not doing well (and what does it really mean)?
📌 Feel free to listen in! 🎧(and to spread the word that you can already listen to the new episode – where you like):

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