After almost 2 years with Ramp

Jan 21, 2023
Jan 21, 2023 Agata

At the beginning of this year, we completed all the projects with Partner, which has been with us for almost 2 years – Ramp, the global crypto startup that raised and completed the largest B round in the history of Polish-origin startups and raised since the inception a total of $133.9M.

We’ve worked together since May 2021. When we met Szymon and Przemek for the first time, there were about 20 people in Ramp, but also remarkable focus, ambitious plans, and a soon-to-be-raised Seed Round.

Since then, we have found, matched, hired, and onboarded over 91 Rampers to areas of the company such as engineering, product, marketing, sales, legal, finance, compliance, and more. There are now over 150 people at Ramp.

Together we co-built and implemented a dozen People & Culture processes tailored to the Ramp growth stage a.i. performance management and review, goals setting, pay raises procedures, paid-time-off policy, global salary bands for Commercial, work-from-home policy, and onboarding policy. All these hundreds of individual decisions and hours of work of managers saved.

Our CEO Roza was the first HR person in Ramp. Since 2021, 9 of our people have been working there, building and supporting Talent, Culture, and Ops areas. Our Head of People & Culture, Katarzyna Mierzejewska, was Ramp’s last interim Chief People Officer, closing it with the hiring of a new CPO (starting from March 2023 -> 🤞).

We’ve opened this chapter and closed it – and it’s been quite a journey! From now Ramp’s People team will be entirely in-house.
Thank you. We could always count on being challenged by you, and it was worth it. We keep our fingers crossed!

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